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The entire manual to Poetry on Medium

  Your portal to an infinite adventure into poetry art! image by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash that is a guest publish from the Medium network. Thomas is the editor of Scribe. Ilike to mention that the sector could be higher off if poets ran it. one in every of my favored prices comes from my religious father, the French creator Sylvain Tesson. He writes: I would really like to rehabilitate this manner of going via life in freedom, with a feather in a single’s hat, a blade of grass among one’s teeth and poems on one’s lips. I accept as true with that this elegant idea is the best manner to introduce what you can now don't forget the  gateway  to the whole thing associated with poetry on Medium. Please be aware that nothing is ready in stone, and all suggestions or feedback (so long as they're positive) are welcome! You’re not dreaming, the network of poets is perhaps the strongest network of writers at the platform. And that’s really worth a look, isn’t it? For the ones of you who